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Finding Balance: How to Stay Healthy and Happy While Living and Working Abroad
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  • Post last modified:6 January 2024
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So, you’re planning to embark on this incredible journey of living and working abroad – lovee it! But, as excited as you are, you’re worried about the rollercoaster ride this could take on your health and the routines you’ve built at home. Don’t worry, though; you’re not alone! I’ve gone into this adventure and lived to see the other side of it with my routines and health still thriving. Let’s chat about how to keep that balance and stay healthy while you’re living your best life abroad.

1. Self-Care is Your Best Friend:

First things first, self-care is non-negotiable. Life abroad can be a crazy whirlwind of new experiences that take you outside of your comfort zone, so don’t forget how important it is to take a breather. Dedicate time to things that recharge your batteries – whether it’s journalling, a run, or simply chilling with a good book. Your mental and physical well-being will thank you!

2. Work Hard, Explore Harder:

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle of your new job or business venture, but remember, you’re in a NEW COUNTRY! Set some boundaries for work hours, and use your free time to explore. Wander the streets, try that street food, and immerse yourself in local culture. It’s the best way to create lasting memories.

3. Eat Local and Healthy:

Food is a big part of culture, and this is a huge part of immersing yourself in that culture. Find time to take part in local dishes and eating out, but keep that balance! Don’t live on takeout alone; hit up local markets for fresh and seasonal produce. A healthy diet will keep your energy levels up and help to make sure you’re feeling up for each day abroad. You could even take the challenge to try and cook local cuisine at home (this is an adventure of its own – lol!).

4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate:

With all the excitement around, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water. Grab a reusable bottle, and make staying hydrated a habit. Trust me, it’s a game-changer for your mood and energy levels. Bring that bottle with you wherever you go.

Be a Social Butterfly:

(and if you’re not one, pretend!) One of the best parts of living abroad is meeting new people. Join local fitness clubs or groups, volunteer, or attend sporting events. Connecting with locals adds a rich layer to your experience and can be a great source of support and friendship. Plus, this means you’ll create friendships all over the world!

6. R&R, Please:

Your globe-trotting lifestyle can be demanding. Don’t skip on rest and recovery time. Whether it’s a lazy Sunday or treating yourself to getting your nails done. You’ll be surprised how much this does wonders for your overall well-being.

7. Know the Healthcare Scene:

It’s a smart move to get familiar with healthcare resources in your new country. Make sure you know where to find medical services if needed. Also, pack any essential medications or medical records just in case. Oftentimes medications can be hard to find (or named something totally different) so it’s best to bring enough for your stay (if you can!).

8. Go with the Flow:

Finally, embrace the unpredictability of life abroad. Plans might change… and curveballs might come your way. These moments are part of the adventure. They challenge you, teach you, and spice up the stories you have to share with those back home!

Living and working abroad is like no other experience. By remembering these tips for your new daily routine, you’ll find that balance between work, health, and adventure. I hope you enjoy every second of this exciting chapter in your life, my friend!